Bejamin Nerding «The Tandem Ramble»

«if you want to hang out with the locals on a beach in Ecuador, Tonsupa is a good choice and Costa Esmeralda ‘The private Hideaway’ has everything to help you relax. It is less than 100m from the beach, and as the name suggests hidden in an unsuspected corner. Costa Esmeralda ‘The private Hideaway’ is conveniently located in between Atacames and Tonsupa, making it a very quiet beach area during the day and night. Yet, it can easily be reached within 5 minutes by Taxi (50cents during the day, $1 during the night).

We highly recommend this local experience with Costa Esmeralda. It gets especially crowded in Tonsupa during Carnival and the weekends so we hope you are ready for some Latin beats when you go out at night.»